On Hold until January 10, 2022

Interested in wanting to dig deeper into God's Word? Come experience the Life Change Bible Study. Through inductive study, self-study, and group discussion, God's Word will become more meaningful and life changing.

The group has just finished studying the epistle of James and will begin the study of Acts in January, 2022.  In this 20 week inductive Bible Study, you will  participate with others not only in learning God's Word, but in grasping a deeper personal experience of His message. This life changing encounter with scripture will help you become spiritually enriched and know God more deeply. It will also provide an opportunity to enjoy deeper Christian fellowship as you grow close to God and other believers.

This study will meet at the church every Monday evening beginning January 10,  from 6:30 to 8 PM.

For more information about acquiring the book and the study, contact Wayne at 240-522-8949 or