Become a Sponsor

As a community Christian radio station, Reveal FM operates through the grace of God and the blessing of financial support from our business sponsors and listeners.

As a Reveal FM Business Sponsor, you will:

• Help us bring Worship and the Word to our community; 

• Receive on-air announcements of your business; 

• Obtain an on-line listing on our website business directory and on the Reveal FM App; 

• Provide listeners with information about your product or service; 

• Be blessed by God with heavenly rewards for your generous support. 

• Receive acknowledgement of your sponsorship in our Newsletter, informing all our supporters that you are a faithful financial supporter of Reveal FM. 

The number of announcements is dependent on your level of contribution: 

• 30 spots per month - $150.00/mo. 

• 60 spots per month - $250.00/mo. 

• 90 spots per month - $350.00/mo. 

Larger packages can be negotiated. 

We will help you write an announcement that meets your marketing and ministry goals as well as the FCC requirements, provide voicing and production of your radio spot. 

For more information, or to become a business sponsor, contact Luke, at (814) 937-6123 or email at